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1 someone who tunes pianos [syn: piano tuner]
2 an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals [syn: radio receiver, receiving set, radio set, radio, wireless]

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to tune + -er


  1. A person who tunes a piano.
  2. On a musical instrument, a peg or mechanical device that changes the tension, and hence pitch, of a string.
  3. The component of an audio system that receives radio broadcasts.

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person who tunes a piano



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fr-noun m
  1. tuner (TV, radio)

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Tuner may refer to:
  • someone or something which adjusts or configures something
  • Antenna tuner, a device to adjust the resonance frequency of an antenna or transmission line
  • Tuner (electronics) a module or device which converts low-amplitude radio-frequency signals into a form suitable for processing by further modules or equipment.
  • Piano tuner, a professional who adjusts the pitch of pianos using a tuning fork or a frequency counter
  • Electronic tuner, a device used by musicians to tune instruments
  • Car tuner, a mechanically inclined person who modifies factory vehicles for the purpose of better performance
  • Machine head, part of a string instrument used to tune it
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